Owen + Alchemy

Anne Owen had a vision: take the simple, stark, and chic look that is the Miami fashion scene and bring it to life in a ‘juice apothecary.’ She chose the creative community of Chicago's Logan Square to set up shop, and she focused on the local creativity of the area to fuel her idea.

We worked alongside Owen from the ground up, designing the identity, packaging, and signage, along with the storefront’s exterior and interior design. The brand was inspired by old alchemic symbology in tandem with the herbal, healing infusions each cold-pressed juice has to offer, so we mirrored this idea by designing dark packaging to juxtapose the vibrant, earthly colors of the product. We decided to play up the scientific aspects of alchemy by creating a series of symbols to represent each class of juice or nut milk. From those symbols we created the alchemist wheel, a culmination of the clean and methodical imagery we had designed along the way.

Since opening their first store front in late 2014, Owen and Alchemy has opened up a second shop in Eataly downtown Chicago.

Creative Director: Sam Jorden
Designers: Jack Muldowney, Sam Jorden
Photography: Mikey Litchfield