As Chicago’s West Loop explodes in popularity, the crew behind Nellcôte and RM Champagne Salon wanted to put together a seasonal patio built for people watching (and rosé snow cones). We put together an irreverent identity fit for summer dining accentuated by pops of neon chartreuse. The sidewalk café has no indoor seating, so we helped drive home that point by plastering ‘Al Fresco Only’ on just about everything we could find – napkin bands, check presenters and a series of 3 t-shirts for staff to wear. With a summer-focused menu, you have to keep it simple and fresh: the site we designed for them does just that.

The fun, light, simple aesthetic of Expat mirrors the menu and the attitude that accompanies al fresco dining. After all, it is summertime.

Creative Direction: Sam Jorden
Photography: Mikey Litchfield, John Philp
Sidewalk Painting: Heart & Bone Signs
Neon Signage: Neon Shop Fishtail
Web Development: Simplify, Advance