Potluck Creative is a creative co-op focused on authenticity. We strive for cohesive solutions to complement, not overpower, your brand’s stories. Our creative prowess includes not only graphic design, but also delectable photography, mouthwatering video production and all things brand development.

We bring contemporary aesthetics to the table. We’re not working for Michelin stars, we’re working for you. If you are in need of genuine creative thinking, be it for a newly launched food blog or a well-established cabinetry company, we want to bring ideas to life — and to look good doing it.

Let’s cook up something for your brand.

Sam Jorden
Art Director

Doctors have noted he’s one of Chicago’s most painfully nearsighted videographers. Studies have found him to be the tallest graphic designer in the city. However, when armed with his contacts and a Macbook, there’s almost nothing that Sam can’t whip up.

Mikey Litchfield
Director of Photography

Bringing a background in documentary and portrait photography to the table, Mikey integrates his passion for composition in stills with a contemporary video style.