Potluck Creative is a creative co-op focused on authenticity in story telling. We strive for cohesive solutions to compliment, not overpower, your brand’s voice. Our creative team works together to churn up delectable video production, mouthwatering photography and creative strategy by combining our design sensibility, workaholic tendencies and prime listening skills.
We bring contemporary aesthetics to the table. We’re not working for Michelin stars, we’re working for you. If you are in need of genuine creative thinking, be it for a newly launched food brand or a well-established construction company, we want to bring ideas to life – and have fun doing it.
Let’s cook up something for your brand.



Mikey Litchfield

Founder + Director

As the owner of Potluck Creative, Mikey has had a hand in just about every project that Potluck has had the pleasure of working on, but his happy place is behind the camera.  While he’s never been officially diagnosed with ADD, his ability to juggle creative, admin and new business development, while still finding time to cook almost every day seems suspect. When he’s not at the studio, you can find Mikey in the kitchen or on the road.

Favorite Food: Pimento Cheese

Roshan Murthy

Camera Op + Editor

While we take our work seriously here at Potluck, Roshan keeps the light hearted vibes on set and in the office. Roshan’s attention to detail and efficient workflow is a major reason Potluck continues to stay on top of deadlines, but not without a smile.

Favorite food: Basil Chicken


Caroline Ross

Graphic Designer

From the beginning, Potluck has always put design first. Since contributing her efforts to the team, Caroline has helped Potluck bring that mindset to our video edits by designing title cards, directing motion graphics and even dabbling in our stop motion work. Caroline is currently the design director at Foxtrot Market (more of her personal work here), but somehow she still manages to help make us look good. Lucky us.

Favorite food: Ice Cream

Rachel Gropper

Studio Manager

They say that creative people have a hard time tapping into the left side of their brain, but Rachel defies all odds by bringing her creative vision and organizational skills to the table. Juggling clients big and small takes some serious organization and coordination, which Rachel has on lock. And she continues to hone her creative talents on set with Potluck and for her own brain child, Curio.

Favorite Food: Scratch Biscuits

Jordan Stalling

Audio Engineer

Ever wonder why our work sounds so great? It’s all thanks to Jordan Stalling and his amazing ears.
Not only does Jordan mix just about every video piece that comes across our plate, but Jordan’s responsible for every sound you hear for our work with Revolution Brewery on their League of Heroes series.

Favorite Food: Mac + Cheese